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On today’s episode, I talked with Aubrey Rieder who chose 1941’s Sullivan’s Travels, the comedic romp that isn’t just a comedy. Written and directed by wildly ahead of his time, playwright Preston Sturges, and starring Joel McCrea and the gorgeously tough Veronica Lake  Sullivan’s Travels follows the story of John L. Sullivan a multimillionaire director of comedy films like Ants in your Plants of 1941, and Hey Hey In the Hayloft who plans to make O Brother Where Art Thou? an epic that follows the social miseries of the day.

 When confronted about not having the life- experience of those miseries by his producers, Sullivan has a great idea that if he goes full method by dressing up and living amongst the downtrodden and the poor he’ll truly understand the subject of his film. That is until he arrives back in LA only hours later and discovers a down on her luck but practical actress and that’s where our rollicking adventure begins. So sit back relax, and don’t forget the doughnuts

You can purchase Sullivan’s Travels here

Cinemallennials is a podcast where myself and another millennial are introduced to a classic film for the very first time ranging from the  birth of cinema to the 1960s. Myself and my guest will open your eyes to the vast landscape of classic film as we discuss the films’ performers,  their performances, those behind the camera, and how they and their films still influence our world today.

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