Lost Horizon (1937) | Cinemallennials

On today’s episode, I talked with James Lamdin founder of Analog/Shift, a vintage and pre-owned watch boutique located in New York City, if our main character Robert was a New Yorker instead of a Brit, he’d be well acquainted with James who picked Frank Capra’s 1937 epic, Lost Horizon.

Lost Horizon, based on the 1933 novel of the same name written by James Hilton follows the story of Robert Conway, a war hero, author, and soon-to-be British foreign secretary who is fed up with a world that is progressively getting more and more aggressive and greedy by the second.

After rescuing 90 white people like the film’s title storybook opening actually says, Conway his brother George, and three refugees are unknowingly hijacked and are brought crashing down to a remote mountain range where they encounter a secret valley called Shangri-La where peace and prosperity reigns, for some, for others, they see it as a jail cell. So it back, relax, and spread peace on earth and goodwill towards men. 

You can find Lost Horizon here

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