Some Like It Hot (1959) | Cinemallennials

On today’s episode, I talked with Mary Jo Hernandez about the 1959 comedy, Some Like it Hot, directed by Hollywood legend Billy Wilder who wrote and directed films like Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard, Sabrina, and The Apartment.

Some Like it Hot starring Marylin Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon follows the story of Joe and Jerry, who just witnessed the famous St. Valentine Day’s Massacre and are on the run from gangster Spats Columbo. The lads have a brilliant idea in order to escape the windy city, the lads disguise themselves as women in order to join an all-girls band that’s on its way to Florida. Once they are accepted into the band, both Joe and Jerry go gaga over the band’s singer, Sugar Kane. Like the lads, Sugar also changes her identity to get what she wants when she meets the heir to the Shell Oil empire. From themes like faking it until you make it to the acceptance of new identities, Some Like it Hot is a hilarious but meaningful romp. So, sit back relax, and don’t be like most of the guys trying to pick up women in this movie.

You can purchase Some Like It Hot here.

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