The Great Escape (1963) | Cinemallennials

On today’s episode of Cinemallennials, I talked with James Wilson about the 1963 World War II film, The Great Escape directed by John Sturges and starring both British and Hollywood legends Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, James Garner, Charles Bronson, and Donald Pleasance.

The Great Escape follows the story of a group of allied prisoners during World War II who are hell-bent on escaping from Stalag Luft III, a maximum-security prisoner of war camp. After previous attempts unfortunately failed, two master escapees, Captain Virgil Hilts and Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett enter into the camp and devise a most dangerous and daring escape plan, dig tunnels underneath the very ground the camp stands on in order to plunge the Nazi regime into a period of chaos distracting them from their evil campaign of hateful death and destruction. So, sit back, relax, and always make sure to stay in character when you’re trying to escape from a Nazi prisoner of war camp.

You can purchase The Great Escape here

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