Alexander Nevsky (1938)

Before we get into the show today, this episode was recorded on December 2nd, 2021, 54 days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. When the invasion occurred Rachael and I made sure that we wanted to make this and the following points clear. We stand with Ukraine and that we made this with the intention of discussing the film’s historical and cultural significance and to contextualize it for our time.

Alexander Nevsky follows the story of The Battle on the Ice, a pivotal conflict in Russian history in which Kievan Prince Alexander Nevksy, fought the Germanic Teutonic Order fought to save Russian Orthodoxy. After the knights of the Teutonic Order sack the city of Pskov Alexander rallies his the peasantry to form a small army in order to repel the almighty power of the papally backed Teutonic Knights. Alexander Nevsky and its impact today exhibits just how powerfully long lasting the silver screen can be. So, sit back relax and let there be no more war.

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You can check out Alexander Nevsky on The Criterion Channel

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