Seven Samurai (1954) | Cinemallennials

On today’s episode, I am joined by my cousin Sean Clark who picked Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 epic Seven Samurai. It’s considered from both a technical and ­­ cultural level, whether it be from its editing, camera techniques, symbolism, and its dialogue, as the most influential, remade, reworked, and referenced films of all time as wellContinue reading “Seven Samurai (1954) | Cinemallennials”

The Big Sleep (1946) | Cinemallennials

On today’s episode, I talked with Devin Araujo about the 1946 noir, The Big Sleep. Produced and directed by the legendary Howard Hawks, starring the equally as legendary Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, who previously enchanted the word over in 1944’s To Have and Have Not, causing a massive call for the two stars andContinue reading “The Big Sleep (1946) | Cinemallennials”

North by Northwest (1959) | Cinemallennials

On today’s episode, I talked with an old-school friend of mine, Mike Bardzilowski who picked 1959’s North by Northwest starring Cary Grant, and New Jersey’s own, Eva Marie Saint. While our generation generally knows Alfred Hitchcock’s horror pictures like Psycho, and The Birds  at this point in Hitchcock’s career he was known as  the masterContinue reading “North by Northwest (1959) | Cinemallennials”

Stardust – Movie Review

Stardust written and directed by Gabriel Range and co-written by Christopher Bell stars Johnny Flynn of Emma fame as a young David Bowie who like a meteor has crashed down hard back to Earth from his first big hit, Space Oddity. Bowie is not only struggling with the forging of his craft, persona, and theContinue reading “Stardust – Movie Review”

The Immigrant (1917) | Cinemallennials

On today’s episode, I talked with my friend Mary Gallagher who picked the 1917 comedy short, The Immigrant starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, and Eric Campbell. Chaplin didn’t just star in The Immigrant, he also produced, wrote, directed, composed the music, and edited the film. You can watch The Immigrant here Cinemallennials is a podcastContinue reading “The Immigrant (1917) | Cinemallennials”

The Place of No Words – Movie Review

The Place of No Words, directed by Mark Webber presents a family on the brink of the father’s death (played by Webber) and seeks to explore the concept of death and how the father’s child Bodhi, (played by Webber’s actual son) perceives death through his own eyes. The Place of No Words blends the realityContinue reading “The Place of No Words – Movie Review”

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) | Cinemallennials

On today’s episode, I talked with Frances Mulraney, a former colleague of mine who picked, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari or in its original German, Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari. Described as the first true horror film by Roger Ebert, and the precursor to art house films by Danny Peary, The Cabinet of Dr. CaligariContinue reading “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) | Cinemallennials”

Made In Italy – Movie Review

Made In Italy written by James D’Arcy follows the story of estranged father and son, Jack and Robert played by Liam Neeson and his real-life son Micheál Richardson on a journey to sell their house in the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany. However, the likelihood of that house being sold with it’s the owners’ lack ofContinue reading “Made In Italy – Movie Review”

The High Note – Movie Review

The High Note written by Flora Greeson and directed by Nisha Ganatra follows the story of Maggie Sherwood,  played by Dakota Johnson, an assistant to music superstar, Grace Davis, played by Tracee Ellis Ross. Maggie whose whole life has been centered around music and her boss, dreams of becoming a producer and tries to finallyContinue reading “The High Note – Movie Review”

The Last Full Measure – Movie Review

Please check out my review of The Last Full Measure a film that looks at the story of the men who wished to honor the heroic life of the man that saved their lives as well as the effects of the Vietnam War had on those who suffered and those who still suffer from it.Continue reading “The Last Full Measure – Movie Review”