The Ring of Power Episode 1+2 Initial Reaction

Here you can find my quick thoughts about the first two episodes of Amazon Prime’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power!

Planet of the Apes (1968) | Cinemallennials

On today’s episode of Cinemallennials I talked with my cousin Devon about the 1968 science fiction classic, Planet of the Apes, directed by Franklin J. Schaffner and starring Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall, and Kim Hunter. Planet of the Apes follows the story of a crew of astronauts that crash land on a planet 300 millionContinue reading “Planet of the Apes (1968) | Cinemallennials”

Paths of Glory (1957) | Cinemallennials

On today’s episode, I talked with Nick Reed about the 1957 anti-war film, Paths of Glory, directed by the great Stanley Kubrick. Based on real-life events, Paths of Glory stars Kirk Douglas as Colonel Dax, who is ordered by his pompous, and overambitious commanding officer, played by George Macready to lead a suicide mission. AfterContinue reading “Paths of Glory (1957) | Cinemallennials”

Psycho (1960) | Cinemallennials

On today’s episode, I talked with Alex Wilson, the man who designed the brilliant logo you see on your screen. Alex picked 1960’s Psycho considered to be the origin and the inspiration for almost every modern horror film with director Alfred Hitchcock’s original themes, roles, and camera techniques that eventually became horror hallmarks for decadesContinue reading “Psycho (1960) | Cinemallennials”

The Man Who Laughs (1928) | Cinemallennials

On today’s episode, I talked with actor Derrin Stull, who picked The Man Who Laughs. You know when we were all kids and some of us including myself dressed up as what we were told were the classic Halloween costumes? Y’know like the Mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula? Well, our main character Gwynplaine should be heldContinue reading “The Man Who Laughs (1928) | Cinemallennials”

The High Note – Movie Review

The High Note written by Flora Greeson and directed by Nisha Ganatra follows the story of Maggie Sherwood,  played by Dakota Johnson, an assistant to music superstar, Grace Davis, played by Tracee Ellis Ross. Maggie whose whole life has been centered around music and her boss, dreams of becoming a producer and tries to finallyContinue reading “The High Note – Movie Review”

The Red Thread: Rankin/Bass Tolkien Adaptations and Studio Ghibli

I grew up at a perfect time to become obsessed with Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of The Lord of the Rings, and subsequently J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium. I would scour the library, the internet, ask my family for any sort of information or way of learning about Tolkien’s creation in any way while I was waitingContinue reading “The Red Thread: Rankin/Bass Tolkien Adaptations and Studio Ghibli”

What Tolkien’s Legendarium Means to Me

In my mind, I can still see the dark moments before The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring came onto the screen as I sat next to my mom on December 26th 2001. Holding my breath, feeling the anticipation almost as if my heart was about to burst out of my chestContinue reading “What Tolkien’s Legendarium Means to Me”

The Last Full Measure – Movie Review

Please check out my review of The Last Full Measure a film that looks at the story of the men who wished to honor the heroic life of the man that saved their lives as well as the effects of the Vietnam War had on those who suffered and those who still suffer from it.Continue reading “The Last Full Measure – Movie Review”

Top 10 Films of 2019

Here are my top ten films, of 2019, in no particular order! For the most part, I was able to do videos for all of these, however, the ones at the bottom, I had planned to do reviews, but I either didn’t have enough time or wanted to keep the experience the way it wasContinue reading “Top 10 Films of 2019”